was founded by Geneen Wright, a Momma who wanted to remember her Maven while embracing her motherhood.  "Motherhood changed me for the better, but that did not mean I had to get rid of my personal best. I knew that in order to be happy, I had to find a balance. I had to figure out how to include my children into my life and change my life to accommodate children.  For me, it is a constant system of check and balances.  Usually, I have to remind myself to remember Geneen.  That is why I started  I started to cultivate this life that I knew was worth sharing and talking about.  I figured if I was struggling someone else was as well.  Why not openly address and provide a resource for all of us.  So became an online system of check and balances.  Here we are going to keep each other woke and well."

 Geneen Wright, MavenMomma's Founder

Geneen Wright, MavenMomma's Founder

Get to know founder!

Get to know founder Geneen Wright with 20 questions and 20 candid answers.  Find out why the driving force for this MavenMomma to create and cultivate a tribe of mothers.

1.     Name: Geneén Wright

2.     Where did you grow-up?  I am from the South Side of Chicago, Morgan Park/Beverly. People hear Chicago’s South Side and think crime and violence, but that is not the South Side of my upbringing. My community filled me with a sense of pride. I was encouraged and looked after by not only my family but also by neighbors. So, while I did not grow up with a lot of money, I was raised knowing that I was part of something larger than myself.   That is why I believe that the people you surround yourself with and an environment in which you live have a huge impact on one's life.  

3.     Describe yourself in one word? Steadfast

4.     Describe your style: Bohemian Chic

5.     Sweet or Savory? Savory, I will take a cheese plate over chocolate cake any day!

6.     Current Playlist? The Kills, Rye Rye, Santigold, and Solange.

7.     Favorite quote?  “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” – Coco Chanel

8.     What is your favorite item in your home? Alexa!  She is my mother’s helper!

 9. What is your favorite thing to cook? I cook with the season.  Thanks to Granny's garden and my background at Gourmet Magazine it is about getting inspiration from the ingredients.  

10.  What is your parenting philosophy? I believe that children choose their parents.  That as a parent I am the guide for my children. I show them the path.  How they choose to travel on that path is up to them.  They can run it, walk it, but just sitting still is not an option. I believe that I have a responsibility to rear my children to become people who contribute instead of only taking.

 11.  What is your favorite childhood memory? "Helping" my Granny in her garden.  It was a great time to ask questions.  Granny and I would talk about nature, family, history, and the birds and the bees.  I loved it, and I am thankful for the honest answers my granny gave me.

12.  Who inspires you? My daughters Vivienne-Marcelle and Colette Pascale, at 8 and 6-years old they have an inquisitive spirit, but also they are also gifted (from me, wink) with introspect.  I love to hear them explain life as the see experience it. They inspire me to continue to dream and to get shit done!

13. Who are your favorite authors, poets, columnists, etc.? Toni Morrison, she writes about the female experience (good and bad) in a lyrical yet powerful way.  

14.  Why did you decide to start  I created to add to women’s awe-inspiring energy. I envisioned an online tribe that communes all over the world at MavenMomma parlour events.  I see MavenMomma as a judgment-free zone where women can relate to and encourage one another via journal articles, fashion and home spreads, recipe sharing or shopping MavenMomma’s closet.      

15.  What are your hopes/goals for  My goal is to turn into the go-to website for women seeking solutions while they shop. 

16. What is a valuable lesson you have learned? I am learning lessons daily, but to date,  that resilience is a gift and to never underestimate the benefit of kindness. 

17.  How do you deal with your mistakes?  I acknowledge my mistakes, then I move on. 

18.  The most embarrassing thing you've ever done/experienced? After childbirth, there is not much that embarrasses me. 

19.  What are your hopes for your children? I want my daughters to know their value.  I never want them to hear that a woman should stay in "their place."  I mean people will say it.  However, my girls know (as women) that their place is where ever they want to be.

20.  What is your dream for yourself in the next ten years? Global reach, but I think I can accomplish that in the next five years!




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